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If your garage door opener is very old and faulty, it may not comply with the standards of Underwriters’ Laboratory. Even though an old garage door opener may be fixed, it also faces a requirement to comply with federally sanctioned standards. But if your garage door opener has gotten so obsolete that its constituents are not even available in the market then it is definitely time for you to get a new garage door opener or motor installed. Let St Albans Garage Door Repair help you.

Your car may have a button which when pressed, gets your garage door open and allows you to enter your garage. Garage door openers are as essential in 2015 as they were when the concept was introduced. Do not get deceived by the apparent simplicity of the instructions on those openers which come with an install-yourself manual. Please be aware that if you have never installed a garage door opener before, this manual may do you no good. You may save a little by attempting to install your new opener yourself but if a complication occurs then the cost and damages may double or even triple.

Our new door installation can also be a helping hand when you need to replace an entire door for any number of reasons. Contact us soon!

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